TAB says yes to vaccines

Australia’s most prominent and long standing off track bookmaker the TAB recently took a foray into the field of health advice. The TAB thought they would signal their virtue by urging customers to go and get injected (with the rushed to market #Covid-19 ‘vaccine’) with something purported by #MainstreamMedia to be a vaccine. The TAB’s marketing geniuses came up with the twitter hashtag #JABFORAUSTRALIA. They even went as far as to change the branding on TAB signage to JAB and changed their Twitter username to JAB.

The result of this health advice foray by the TAB – CARNAGE. On twitter where the campaign was spearheaded some of the responses have been very cutting and to the point.

On one Twitter post (there are multiple) where TAB tweeted, “It’s just not the same without crowds… Who will you be heading to the footy with next season? #JABForAustralia” They were savaged with replies like this:

Then there was “How’s get f@cked sound you dog c@nts.” from @BenWillitts. Another apt reply came from @ryanseiler12 when he said, “F@ck off facist.”

As noted earlier the TAB weren’t happy to push the #Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ with their polished green logo, they paid a few ex-footy stars to sell off their credibility by promoting the dangerous injection as well. One such sellout was Laurie Daley the former NRL star. Daley was pictured outside a Sydney pub with the TAB logo (now altered to JAB) in a full length article written by Ray Thomas urging Australians to get ‘vaccinated’. Daley was quoted saying, “this is the only way we can get back . . . to venues and sporting events. Everyone is entitled to do what they want to do but you need to think about getting a jab to protect your family, friends, loved ones and your lifestyle. Vaccination is the key to enable us all to start living some sort of normal life again.”

TAB - Australian off track bookmaker urges customers to get jabbed (vaccinated) so they can return to TAB venues.
The Banner Image on TAB Twitter account

Lozza obviously hasn’t done any of his own research, as if he had, he wouldn’t be recommending taking a vaccine that is not thoroughly tested and was recently linked to the deaths of 9048 Americans from the period 14th December 2020 to 28th May 2021. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System released the data in July this year, but our thoughtful and trustworthy #MainstreamMedia didn’t think it was worth reporting.

In short, TAB should stop giving health advice.

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