South Cardiff Gunners have gone crashing out of the 2017 FFA Cup after being beaten on penalties by Belmont Swansea. Southy had looked most likely in the first half but their opponents levelled at around the 30 minute mark, before the two teams went chance for chance in the second half.

South Cardiff went ahead in the 25th minute with a goal to midfielder Cameron Herring. Soon after Belswans were level when a loose ball was hammered home from outside the South Cardiff box.

The Gunners would have been slightly disappointed going into the break as they were worth their brief lead. As the game continued and the rain soaked the ground and the players, tempers and tension steadily rose. It was a scrappy second half with multiple yellow cards handed out to both teams. The highest point for South Cardiff was a header flicked on by the number 10 Benjamin McCabe that forced a reflex save from the goalkeeper, while Belswans went close before a ‘smart’ yellow card worthy challenge was applied to thwart an attacker bearing down on goal. The resulting free kick sailing just over the bar.

With the scores locked at 1-1 after 90 minutes the teams went straight into a penalty shootout – as are the rules at this stage of the FFA Cup. It took until South Cardiff’s sixth kick before a penalty taker failed their goalscoring task. It would be the last kick of the match as Belmont Swansea had already converted their sixth spot kick.

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