Takuya Murayama
Takuya Murayama - Sutherland Sharks, PS4NPLNSW

In our recent video interview (scroll to bottom) with Takuya Murayama we heard that the fullback had been playing soccer with Waseda University in Tokyo, when he was first told about opportunities in the Australian 2nd Tier competition (PS4NPL).

In the six minute video you can hear Murayama’s opinion on the improvements the local competition has made over the six years he’s been here, and how he came to find a home in the PS4NPL.

Additionally, Murayama spoke about how many times a week he trains at the Sharks and told us offscreen that some Australian 2nd Tier players earn up to $2500 a week, while in season. With such cash on offer it’s not hard to work out why so many A-League players are taking up offers from lower division clubs. Amongst those names are: Daniel McBreen, Leo Bertos, Dylan McCallister, Dean Heffernan and Archie Thompson. This augurs well for the possibility of a stand alone 2nd tier competition arriving in the foreseeable future.

As for Murayama himself he’s still weighing up offers for next season. The Osaka product suffered a dislocated shoulder in the penultimate round of the 2016 PS4NPL season. Since the regular season has ended Murayama has already had scheduled work done on his meniscus so he may have a slightly interrupted off season. The fullback is among many of the Sharks’ squad who are considering their playing options for 2017.

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