Lew Dub’s Personal Best Banned By YouTube

Lew Dub Banned

They’ve finally done it. YouTube has banned the Personal Best channel from publishing race replays with all the added information that Lew Dub provides due to a complaint from racing.com.

Despite having their own YouTube channel, racing.com rarely gets a video to grow beyond 1000 views on the video sharing platform. But with two written corrections to YouTube by yours truly detailing how Lew Dub’s Personal Best is abiding by ‘fair-use’ laws, I continue to receive the same automated response from YouTube.

Follow Personal Best – Lew Dub at BITCHUTE

But being the bloke that I am, I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s now time to publish exclusively to BitChute. BitChute is an alternative video sharing platform which is currently experiencing huge growth as many conservative and right-wing political channels have been purged by YouTube in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s fraudulent election win.

Feel free to follow Lew Dub over to BitChute where you will definitely see some familiar faces from YouTube if you follow politics in any manner, but you will also get plenty of racing content from Lew Dub, even races from Victoria which racing.com doesn’t want you to see.

Lew Dub’s page at BITCHUTE
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