Boycott Over. For Now.

A-League Boycott Over

Explore Football editor Lew Dub has brought an end to his Australian soccer boycott. For now. Twenty-odd months after the blackout began, when the FFA prostituted itself as a vehicle for LGBTQI, politically correct cultural subversion, we’re back. Since that day Australian soccer has done bugger all good, and looks doomed to more failure given the hiring and firing habits at headquarters. For example: Alan Stajcic.

David Gallop with Women’s Soccer Player Michelle Heyman Supporting Gay Marriage

Our boycott all started when the FFA decided they had to advertise higher management’s gay marriage advocacy. This occurred back in 2017 on the eve of Australia’s historic ‘marriage equality‘ plebiscite. The voluntary vote to allow and recognise two men or two women to legally marry was loudly supported by mainstream media and celebrities of all type. The yes camp ran a smear campaign against those that opposed them, attempting to portray those who offered a contrasting opinion as inhumane and cruel, ludicrously claiming that a No vote to Gay Marriage would cause suicides amongst the gay community. Of course FFA was just one of a number of sporting organisations (NRL, AFL, Cricket Australia) to signal their virtue. Explore Football does not support gay marriage (marriage equality as the pc language hijackers call it), but we weren’t advocating for Australian soccer’s organising body to take our side in what was a deeply personal ballot – also a national debate. The FFA should stay out of politics. By doing so they would appeal to a larger portion of the Australian population, but given that regressive leftists now dominate the media, corporate and educational institutions of Australia, the FFA thought that everyone else would think the same way as they do. We don’t.

Another reason that we have had nothing to say about the A-League is their lack of action in the expansion department. In late 2018 a decision was finally made to expand the A-League. But the course the FFA has chosen to take is based purely on what they perceive as currently the most financially viable one. The decision makers finally deciding to promote the Western Melbourne bid and the Macarthur South-West Sydney bid. In an interesting move, the FFA has chosen to introduce Western Melbourne (rebranded as Western United) in the 2019/20 season, while South-West Sydney will arrive in 2020/21.

As stated above, the decision to introduce two more clubs from Australia’s two largest cities was one based on short term profit calculations. The decision was met with scorn from the majority of Australian football fans and from us at Explore Football. From personal experience I know that South West Sydney or the Macarthur region is not soccer territory. This is rugby league with a smattering of rugby union demographic. It is a mistake to believe that anywhere in western Sydney will guarantee sporting success. There is enough evidence in the form of Western Sydney Wanderers’ lower than average attendances whenever at Campbelltown to say Macarthur is no sure bet. As for Western Melbourne I have no knowledge of the area so I will stay away from that.

However, Explore Football wishes FFA the best with their expansion plans, and we know that they could do no harm by looking at our plan drawn up in February 2017. We’re pretty sure they already have, but anyway, Lew Dub has determined that it is time to branch out and cover more than just football/soccer. As a result the current website will soon merge into Lew Dub’s Personal Best website. Readers can access video uploads on the Lew Dub’s Personal Best YouTube page already.

To conclude, gay marriage advocacy betrays the many football fans that have firm beliefs around traditional marriage. Despite the fact that mainstream media pretends only crazy people voted against gay marriage, there are 4 in every 10 Australians that voted against it. And on expansion, the two new additions to the A-League are part of the mega-cities Sydney and Melbourne. This is no guarantee of success and what seems lost on FFA heads is that both clubs are based in low socio-economic status areas. They better have some good loyalty deals for fans who aren’t exactly loaded with cash.

Remember to keep a look out for updates here as the website morphs into a broader sports news and discussion page.

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