BET365 Steals From Trumpers In U.S. Election Theft

BET365 Declares Trump Bets Lost

Bet365 has beaten all its rival online bookmakers by declaring the US Election and stealing the money of Trump bettors. On 14th November I checked into my Bet365 account to find all my UnSettled bets had been deleted along with the more than $100 I had outlaid on the Donald. Soon after I contacted Bet365 regarding their decision.

Using their Help Tab option I was able to engage in an actual text chat with a Bet365 representative. She unashamedly admitted that it was the fact that ‘some sources’ had declared Biden the winner of the U.S. election that he was now the winner in the eyes of Bet365. I still have U.S. Election bets alive with Ned’s & Sportsbet. They have chosen not to steal from Trump bettors yet.

Bet365 says the conditions of their U.S. Election bet was, “Settlement of all bets will be based on the total votes cast and counted at the time of the election, and not on any subsequent legal challenge.” At first that seems straight forward enough, but if you’re like me and you watch news other than that published by heritage media you would be aware that some of the fraudulent mail-in ballots were not ‘cast at the time of the election’.

Reports from sources outside the heritage media (Vincent James) tell of irrefutable evidence that Dominion Voting Systems (the electronic vote counting machines) were manipulated so as to obtain a desired result. For example, there were four unexplainable vote spikes in separate states at the same time. In Pennsylvania 330,000 votes went to Joe Biden and just 3,000 to Donald Trump, in Georgia it was 107,000 for Biden to a few thousand for Trump, similar vote spikes occurred in Michigan and Wisconsin. They call this type of voter fraud ‘illegal ballot harvesting’.

For those that bet on Trump with Bet365 there is a quite logical argument that the fraudulent ballots counted by Dominion Voting Systems ‘were not cast at the time of the election’ and probably weren’t cast at all. But another point in this dirty affair is the actual rule that Bet365 applied to their election bets. How many people would actually look to see the conditions of an election bet before putting on their bet? I would wager not many. Most would simply think the winner is the one with the most (electoral college) votes. The winner is not the one the media declares as winner or President Elect.

In my text chat the Bet365 operator said in plain English. “Biden is currently on at least 279 votes depending on the source whilst he requires only 270.” How very convenient.

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