FC Seoul made their incredible run to the ACL Final last year with the aid of Dejan Damjanovic

We’re now into the second leg of the Asian Champions League semi-final. On the west side of the draw, Al Hilal have secured their final berth (4-2 agg.), but on the east side it’s all to play for. Last season’s beaten finalists FC Seoul face Western Sydney Wanderers in Parramatta, after a scoreless draw in the first leg in Seoul.


Undefeated in their last 13 matches FC Seoul sit 5th in the K-League Classic, and are eager to return to the Asian Champions League Final. The team from the capital have some interesting stats heading into tonight’s semi-final. In their last 13 matches (including all competitions) they have conceded just 6 goals and scored 18 goals. Impressive. But it’s important to note that FC Seoul scored 5 goals in one match against Incheon back on the 16th August. So apart from a rare day when it all came together, FC Seoul are averaging around one goal a game. That said, manager Choi, Yong Soo was adamant the first goal would be vital and assured Korean fans saying, “We have a lot of strategies to deal with them so we are prepared.”


With the Wanderers still 9 days from the kick off of the domestic season, it’s hard to get a line of form for them. In the lead up to their shock two-leg victory over Guangzhou Evergrande, Wanderers had stumbled over non league Canberra 1-0 in a friendly, before being knocked out of Australia’s FFA Cup by second tier club Adelaide City.


Somehow, three weeks after their giant killing effort against Guangzhou, Wanderers slogged out a 0-0 draw in Seoul, minus Tomi Juric, Brendan Santalab, Shannon Cole and Matthew Spiranovic. They’ll be without Spiranovic again in the semi, but importantly goalscorers Juric and Santalab are back. This should give Wests the edge.
In addition to that FC Seoul made their incredible run to the ACL Final last year with the aid of Dejan Damjanovic. But big Dejan is no longer in Korea, he is now plying his trade alongside his former FC Seoul teammate Ha, Dae-sung at Beijing Guoan.
So on the basis that FC Seoul are unlikely to spring new tactics in a foreign land, I see Wanderers coming away victors. The home team has the cutting edge of rookie Socceroo Tomi Juric, and at some stage his influence should prove the difference. Though FC Seoul’s Molina proved hard to handle in his 45 minutes in the first leg, he is no Dejan Damjanovic, and the player has received limited game time all season. Wanderers are a happy, hard working and cohesive unit. FC Seoul are not.
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