Don’t question the boss! His army of mainstream media sycophants don't.

Ange Postecoglou
The same faces of angry Ange Postecoglou.

In a shocking jibe at Australian soccer talent Melbourne based ‘journalist’ David Davutovic stated that Australia’s playing stocks were “. . . at an all-time low.”  It now seems the vehement Ange-ophile will stop at nothing to deflect blame from the Socceroos manager Ange Postecoglou.

Davutovic’s comments come on the back of another depressing performance from the national team. The Socceroos (50) couldn’t manage to beat Syria (75) despite a world ranking disparity of 25 places. It’s after performances like these that a team manager’s credentials are usually placed under the microscope. Not this time. Angry Ange’s army of media sycophants went into overdrive at the weekend with the aforementioned scribe telling all, that Australia’s talent pool was the problem.

In the context of comments made by Postecoglou yesterday and some of the lofty targets the manager has set for his team, Davutovic’s comments seem inaccurate. In The Australian (newspaper) in Sydney, Postecoglou was quoted as saying, “. . . we obviously have depth, particularly in certain areas of the park, and it would be silly not to use it.” In addition to that the Socceroos manager made clear his aims for the Confederations Cup,We want to win it, mate. I know after last night that sounds ridiculous . . .he said after the Socceroos were thrashed 4-nil by Brazil in June this year. Surely, not the kind of comment made by a Socceroos manager who believes he’s short of playing talent. If that wasn’t enough evidence that Davutovic is on another planet to Postecoglou, than add the ultimate goal of winning the World Cup, “. . . I’m going to try to win this World Cup, if I’m the first try and fail to win it, I’ll wear that.”  Hardly something you say if you have doubts about the squad at your disposal.

Then again Ange did say that he was disappointed at the lack of improvement that the majority of the players had shown since the Asian Cup win in 2015. He was quoted in March this year saying, “We talk a lot about the Asian Cup and you look at the starting 11 and where they were in their careers then and where they are now, there hasn’t been a hell of a lot of progress.”

So the boss is saying conflicting things. Don’t question the boss! The fixated and aesthetics obsessed mainstream media don’t.

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